Creating solutions is an art.
Protecting is a duty.

Lifetime Purified Surfaces

Marmo Arredo by continuously pursuing technological research, has developed a kitchen worktop that – thanks to an innovative treatment – creates an invisible barrier against germs and bacteria active 24/7. It is intended for surfaces of inestimable value to be admired, touched and shared in total safety because, as the Covid-19 experience has taught us, prevention is important.


We have created a protection that challenges the passing of time by staying active for years. An invisible work of art.

The kitchen worktop comes into contact with personal belongings, bags, food and wrappers brought in from outside. Those represent a potential source of contamination that Marmo Arredo neutralizes thanks to an innovative technological process.
With Gekil®, safety and protection will be guaranteed for a very long time.



An innovative and effective treatment that protects your surfaces from germs and bacteria. An impassable barrier, so that you can enjoy your home environment safely and with serenity.

The pandemic that has recently affected our lives has made us aware of our vulnerability.

With the aim of helping to protect health and well-being, Marmo Arredo has developed and implemented a state-of-the-art technological solution, which solves a specific aspect of the new situation that has been created: the hygiene and safety of shared surfaces in the residential and hospitality sectors.


The protection does not allow interruptions: the solution offered by Gekil® is constantly active.

The activation of the antibacterial properties of surfaces treated with Gekil® does not depend on the amount of light normally present in home environments.
The formula has been designed to guarantee protection even during the night – when light is totally absent – to ensure continuous safety.

Some rooms at home are particularly used/ lived-in, above all the kitchen. From breakfast to dinner with friends it is the hub of many of our daily activities. Here the need for hygiene and safety is particularly evident: these are the surfaces where our food is placed and prepared and a treatment that neutralizes germs and bacteria, preventing their proliferation throughout the day, is extremely important.


Gekil® is a hi-tech product: understanding how it works is the first step to appreciating its value and innovative strength.

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