A Marmo Arredo top is tangible and textured, uniform, lustrous, free from imperfections and conveys an instinctive perception of neatness and hygiene. Treatment with Gekil® provides an invisible barrier that protects us from germs and pathogens. It is a promise, and like every promise it has no colour, shape or substance: it exists as such, and we know it will be maintained.

Works on display in a museum room are by definition untouchable.
We admire them from a distance, in an atmosphere of silence and concentration. This is why in our countryside, a Marmo Arredo top treated with Gekil® takes on the appearance of a work of art immersed in a bubble detached from reality.
Yet it is not intangible: it invites us to interact.
It is priceless because it conveys a sense of reassurance and protection. It represents something important, meaningful and useful. It is the space of our well-being.

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The Marmo Arredo kitchen worktop is at the centre of everything.

Photographers, art directors, stylists, technical operators of the set and the model, who will interact with the object and animate it, can be found all around it.
Two days of intense work, spent finding the right shot and the ideal light. But also solving problems of a purely practical nature, such as “placing” food, utensils, personal objects and other things on a perfectly vertical plane, with the help of stickers and other types of adhesive, hoping that the inexorable law of gravity would not prevail.
A few broken dishes are part of the risks of the profession, as DigitalMind, the agency in charge of the creative direction of the project, knows well.

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