The combination of long-standing experience and technological innovation creates pure and uncontaminated surfaces to admire, touch and share in complete safety.

For interior design, building and architecture, the Scapin Group designs and manufactures floors and wall claddings, kitchen and bathroom tops, as well as furniture for hotels and wellness centres, marketed through its brands: Marmo Arredo, Quartzforms® and Eulithe.

The focus on every minute detail is evident in exclusive and state-of-the-art workmanship, such as continuous tops without visible joins. At the end of the production process, the slabs are packed and delivered to the Customer after passing strict quality control, based on very high standards.


As a guarantee for users, we have obtained Certifications for the product certifying its suitability and safety:

CATAS 291131

Gekil® has an antibacterial action that destroys up to 99.5% of pathogens (PTP 177.0/20)

CATAS 289145

Gekil® is active both in the presence and absence of light (ISO 22196:2011)

CATAS 290000

Gekil® has passed the durability test, withstanding the requirement of 2,500 cleaning operations.


Gekil® is made of components approved by ECHA (European Chemicals Agency). All substances contained in the formula have been registered.


Quartzforms® is a safe material, even when it comes into direct contact with food and water.


Quartzforms® guarantees consumers that the product complies with all European Community provisions.


Always active, permanent and eco-friendly

Following accurate laboratory tests, we can guarantee that the antibacterial property of Gekil® is immediate and active even after 2,500 cleaning operations.
If the surface is cleaned according to recommendations by Marmo Arredo, with a simple damp cloth and little neutral detergent, you can enjoy the beauty and protection of your tops for an extremely long time. In this way, we can avoid using aggressive products that are also harmful to the environment.


Gekil® is a hi-tech product: understanding how it works is the first step to appreciating its value and innovative strength.

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